Bakgat Blyplek started as an idea which lingered in the back of our heads. We had newly built units which we rented out. Almost, as per usual, we had problems with tenants. As we travel a lot for our main business, we are very picky at where we stay over when visiting clients and want to feel like we are at home. We want to braai or prepare our own food. Also, we do not want to be stuffed in a small room with a bed and a TV. We want space, something we have in abundance in the Karoo!!!

Previously, we have been in the accommodation business for 15 years. So, we thought to ourselves, revamp the units and make something upmarket of it. Make them the way which we would like accommodation to be when we need it. Bakgat Blyplek, as it currently stands, is the result of our thought process. We thought about a fancy French name, but we are situated in South Africa and the Great Karoo. The word “Bakgat” means excellent, good and flashy. Cleanliness is not negotiable in our world!!

We invite you to come and enjoy our Karoo hospitality!!

Christiaan & Cornel